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The Life Income Plan℠

The right steps today can lead to a better tomorrow.

Your retirement should reflect the level of success you’ve achieved. But due to your above average income, you face contribution limits on qualified plans that could lead to a significant future income gap. The Life Income Plan℠ from CES helps high income executives, professionals, and small business owners plan for and implement an income replacement strategy that seeks to provide financial independence in retirement.

Utilizing cash-value corporate-owned life insurance, the Life Income Plan℠ was designed to help you meet your accumulation goals in order to retire on a significant percentage of your final income, while providing valuable life insurance protection at the same time.
Life Income Plan℠

Key Features of the Plan

  • Accumulation-Focused Design
  • High Early Cash Surrender Values and Access1
  • Tax-Advantaged Access & Distribution2
  • Death Benefit Protection
  • No Direct Surrender Charges
  • Creditor Protected (in many states)

Now is the time to build your financial future

Contact us today to start planning for your financial independence with the Life Income Plan℠.

1Life Income Plan - LIPSM uses cash value corporate owned variable universal life insurance that tends to offer significant cash values in the early policy years because of its general lack of surrender charges and because in the event of a full policy surrender within a certain number of years, some policy charges may be refunded. These policies often include a minimum guideline death benefit and are structured to minimize death benefit expense yet retain the integrity of life insurance and the tax-deferral benefits.

2Assuming policy loans after withdrawals of the policy owner’s basis under a policy that is not a modified endowment contract (“MEC”). Loans and withdrawals reduce the policy’s cash value and death benefit, and withdrawals in excess of the policy’s basis are taxable. Under current rules, loans are free of income tax as long as the policy remains in effect until the insured’s death at which time the loan will be satisfied from income-tax-free death benefit proceeds. If the policy is surrendered, lapsed or treated as a MEC, anyloan balance will generally be viewed as distributed and may be taxable to the extent of any gain in the policy.

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