Physician's Life Income Plan

Building a successful medical practice takes a significant investment of time and money, often at the expense of your own retirement planning. Your financial independence should reflect the standard of care you’ve provided others. But without a strategy that seeks to enhance opportunities for tax-advantaged assets, you may be facing a significant future income gap. That gap could mean less freedom and security for your family at retirement.

The Physician’s Life Income Plan utilizes a tax-deferred life insurance policy designed to mitigate the potential income gap left by traditional benefit plans, helping you to retire on a significant percentage of your final income.



The Physician’s Life Income Plan was created specifically for physicians and medical professionals, just like you, seeking a retirement lifestyle befitting their level of success. Focusing on cash-value accumulation of variable universal life insurance (VULi) first and foremost, the Physician’s Life Income Plan℠ surpasses the limitations of traditional plans, putting your income replacement goals within reach.

* VULi is a contractual agreement in which premiums are paid to an insurance company, and the company in return for those premiums provides a benefit to a named beneficiary upon proof of the insured’s death and a policy cash value. Amounts in the policy’s cash value are invested in a variety of variable investment options. Amounts in a variable life insurance policy’s variable investment options are subject to fluctuations in value and market risk, including loss of principal. Life insurance policies have exclusions, limitations, and terms for keeping the policies in force. Fees and charges associated with variable universal life insurance include mortality and expense risk charges, cost of insurance charges, surrender charges, administrative fees, investment management fees, and charges for optional benefits.

Variable life insurance is offered by prospectus. For a prospectus with more complete information including investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses, please contact your financial professional and read the prospectus carefully before investing or sending money.

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