Corporate Benefits - Supplemental Key Employee Retention Plan

Corporate Benefits

Supplemental Key Employee Retention Plan

Expand your options while retaining flexibility and control

Our Supplemental Key Employee Retention Plan (SERP) designs feature informal funding alternatives and comprehensive plan administration for the small and mid-corporate markets, allowing you to offer a future benefit to your key employees while remaining in complete control of all aspects of the plan.

Key Aspects of a Non-Qualified SERP

  • Fully discriminatory with custom benefits as a group or to an individual level
  • Corporate liabilities are not a balance sheet issue until vesting occurs
  • Decisions for awards are made annually based on established performance criteria
  • Assets, if established, are highly liquid and accessible at any time by the company
  • Pre- and post retirement benefits designs are available
  • Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI) is available and accessible to smaller companies
  • Complete plan and asset administration completes the Turn Key Platform

How it works

Simply choose the type of future benefits you wish to offer under pre-determined criteria, establishing who will be eligible and what they will be eligible to receive at a future date. As those individuals meet profit objectives, a company liability will build, which can offset by building a corporate owned and controlled asset.

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